Pastor's Bible Study: Study of Islam #2

Dr. Kevin Head
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First Baptist Church Roswell, GA
Contemporary Christian
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Study of Islam
April 26, 2017

I.     Review

  •  Why study Islam?
  •  Definition of terms
  • Facts of Islam
  • Mohammed
  • Abraham – the connection between Judaism, Christianity and Islam
  • Quran/Koran

II.    Five Pillars of Islam

  • The Profession of Faith
  • The Five Daily Prayers
  • Almsgiving
  • Fasting
  • Pilgrimage to Mecca

QuestionWhy is there such animosity between Muslims and Christians?

  1. Historical
  2. Political
  3. Moral/Ethical

Question: What is a “jihad”?

  • Literally means “to struggle,” or “striving in the cause of Allah”
  • Large scale – any struggle undertaken to please Allah or support Islam
  • Common usage – taking up arms in defense of Allah and Islam

Question: What is the role of women in the Islamic faith?

  1. Koran
  2. Marriage
  3. Dress

Question: Is the God of Islam the same as our God?