Family University Podcasts

Welcome to our Family University podcasts! In addition to our Family University classes during the Fall, we will be posting podcasts to this page each month. These podcasts can be listened to on our website or on iTunes. There will also be transcripts of each podcast that can be read online and downloaded. Each month, we will add a new podcast as well as the transcript. You’ll be able to check out that month’s podcast, as well as podcasts from previous months.  To listen to podcasts, or read the transcripts, please go to
Family University Podcasts.

Below are the list of topics and the scheduled dates for each podcast:

April 2016

“Ideas for Praying With Children” - Jessica Asbell

May 2016

“Speaking the Truth in Love" - Doyle Hamilton

August 2016

 “Helping Children Cope with Anxiety" - Amy Head

October 2016

"Guiding Children in Worship (AKA Parenting in the Pew)" - Jessica Asbell & Caroline Simmons

November 2016

"Help! Answering Kids' Questions About Santa" - Kevin and Amy Head

December 2016

"It's the Most Wonder...Stressful Time of the Year: Dealing with Holiday Stress" - Doyle Hamilton