Classes are Divided into the Following Categories: Women’s, Men’s, Co-Ed Adults, Youth & Children. They are color coordinated with the Maps Attached. If you have any questions, please contact Lauren Bryant in the Church Office at or (770) 587-6980.

Women’s Classes

Class NameAgeSizeLocation
Women of Worship40s & upSmallE259

40s & UpMediumSanctuary Bldg 207

Men’s Classes

Class NameAgeSizeLocation
Fishers of Men70s & upSmallSanctuary Bldg 205

Co-Ed Classes

Class NameAgeSizeLocation
Bo Buice50s & UpLargeSanctuary Bldg 201
CelebrationAdults w/ Developmental DisabilitiesMediumE351
Circle Makers40s-60sMediumGarden Terrace 3A
Gap Class60s & UpSmallE260
Faithful Friends50s & UpLargeSanctuary Bldg 210
Fellowship40s & UpLargeGarden Terrace 2
Thee Class40s & UpLargeE352
Grace 60s & UpMediumSanctuary Bldg 211
In His Name50s & UpSmallSancuary Bldg 202
Journey20s & 30sSmallE353
Seekers40s to 60sSmallE356

Youth Sunday School Classes

ClassRoom Number
6th - 8th Grade Boys 111 - Red Room
6th - 8th Grade Girls111 - Purple Room
9th & 10th Grade212
11th & 12th GradeJoyhouse