“… I have come that they may have life, and have it to the full.” John 10:10

First Baptist Roswell has a heart for missions. Since the last issue of Thrive, our church family has embarked on several di erent mission e orts. Because of the love and support of the FBR family, many of our members were able to travel near and far spreading the love of Christ. From Tennessee to Alaska, the locations were as varied as the mission projects and the people participating; however, the love shared was the same.
While there was a lot of love shared this summer, there was also some heartbreak along the way. Due to unrest in the region, our Haiti mission team was unable to travel to Haiti to serve the peo- ple they have built relationships with over the years. The team was heartbroken by the postponed trip, but they now are looking forward to returning to Haiti after Christmas.
This summer also presented opportunities for our children and youth to spend dedicated time growing in their relationships with God and preparing their own hearts to serve others.
Read on to nd out how First Baptist Roswell spent the summer learning, loving and serving, and be sure to check out how we keep missions on our minds and in our hearts throughout the year with our “Mission of the Month” initiative.

Youth Mission Trip to Alaska

Early on June 23, 2018, forty-six FBR youth and adults headed to Hartsfield-Jackson International Airport to embark on their long journey to Fairbanks, Alaska. Once they arrived, the youth served the community by completing seven different mission projects over the course of a week. These projects included replacing a veteran’s roof and repairing the foundation of his home, gathering over 450 bales of hay for a family affected by cancer, and putting up a fence on a widow’s homestead. In addition to adding electricity to the facilities of a children’s camp, the group also cut down trees, stripped bark, dug trenches, and put in fence posts in order to help prepare the camp to host over 100 kids for camp this summer and for years to come.
This trip was an incredible opportunity for these young people to work side by side as the hands and feet of God to a community in need. This opportunity would not have been available to them had it not been for the love and support of the church. We are so very proud of the way that they represented Christ and their FBR family back home.

Appalachian Outreach

In July, fourteen men from FBR travelled to Tennessee as a part of Appalachian Outreach. This year marked our church’s twenty-third year of participation in this program. For four days, this group of men worked to help homeowner Doris Gates get back on her feet. The to-do list for Doris’ house had simply become too much for her to tackle on her own, but with the help of our team, many of these items were checked-o in just a few days.
During their time there, the team installed new cement siding, painted the house, repaired broken windows, reworked plumbing, installed new ooring, added a crawlspace door, built racks for rewood, and cut the grass. The transformation was incredible, and Doris was so very grateful. As they have every year, the team presented the homeowner with a Bible before returning home—a beautiful reminder that God will always provide.

Mission of the Month

In September of 2016 our Missions Committee decided to start an initiative aimed at focusing and expanding the mission efforts of our church. The “Mission of the Month” program has since il- lustrated the power of God’s people when they come together with a goal in mind and grace in their hearts. Each month the church is asked to donate to a specific need, cause, or organization. While some of these remain the same year after year, many are changed out based on needs that arise.
Donations for the “Mission of the Month” come in many forms. Some months, financial contributions are requested to support a particular cause or organization. Other months, food items or clothing are needed. Regardless of the commodity, the donation bins found around the church are filled month after month.
This year, the support of “Mission of the Month” was outstanding. As a congregation, we were able to collect over 800 diapers & over 1000 baby wipes along with additional baby items for the Pregnancy Aid Clinic. We also sent 8 boxes packed full of school supplies with our AO team to Appalachia. During the Christmas season we raised over $25,000 for International Missions, and at Easter, we collected over $15,000 for the Annie Armstrong Easter Offering in support of North American missionaries.
These are just a few examples of the positive impact God’s people can have when they come together with a common cause in mind and the love of Christ in their hearts. Thank you, FBR, for your love and support of this special initiative.

Centrifuge Youth Camp

Each summer the FBR Youth attend Centrifuge. With different locations throughout the Unit- ed States, Centrifuge camps o er students the opportunity to grow in their faith through Bible Study, while also making friendships and lasting memories through various recreational activities. This year, twenty-seven youth from FBR attended Centrifuge in Ridgecrest, North Carolina. They were joined by 1,500 youth and adults from over sixty churches from across the United States.
During the week, the youth learned about mission efforts in East Asia and raised over $9,000 for missions. Continuing to focus on missions, they examined the missionary journeys of the Apostle Paul. Then, looking inward, they began to focus on how they themselves could embark on their own missionary journeys, supporting missions both at home and around the world.

Passport Kids Camp

This summer, eight FBR children and three adult leaders attended Passport Kids Camp at Con- verse College in Spartanburg, SC. The camp’s theme was “Enough!” During the week, the children learned that they were enough because God had created them to be exactly who they were. They also learned that God will always provide enough, and that as God’s people, we are called to share our resources to ensure that everyone has enough. In addition to the valuable lessons learned, the children also played games, made crafts, and created banners for worship. A large focus for the
week was on missions, specifically missionaries working with the Roma people. The children learned September 5th: Wednesday Night Activities begin about the plight of the Roma people, a migratory
people who are increasingly unwelcome in communities in Europe, and how the missionaries work with them to help them become accepted, to help them obtain education, and to help them have “Enough” for their families. It truly was a wonderful week spent September 20th: Intro to Christian Theology begins together learning about God and garnering a spirit of service.

Looking Ahead

September 5th: Wednesday Night Activities begin
September 8th: Date Night @ FBR
September 19th: Special Speaker “Napkinisms”
September 20th: Intro to Christian Theology begins