“… I have come that they may have life, and have it to the full.” John 10:10

“Thrive” is a celebration of the life of our church. Every other month we take time to reflect on the blessings God has bestowed upon us as a church family.

The Grace Project

Most everyone will recognize the Mission of the Month program and associate it with the many mission efforts and donations we as a church have contributed to each month over the past 3 years. Mission of the Month began as an effort from our Missions Committee to keep missions on our minds and hearts all year long. Our church family always gives generously and sincerely to each and every one of these efforts throughout the year – believing that even the smallest donation brings the love and grace of Christ to others.

Recent Mission of the Month projects have provided 950 snacks to middle school students in need at Crabapple Middle School and over 230 clothing items for the Foster Care Support Foundation. The support for these mission projects never ceases to amaze us, and your generous spirit is truly incredible. We believe that everyone wants to contribute something – do whatever they can to help, and Mission of the Month has proved to be a way that everyone can and wants to contribute.

As with any great project, we are always looking to continue to improve and build upon a solid foundation. Many of the mission projects we focus on have timelines that don’t fall within the confines of a month, and with everyone’s crazy schedules these days, it can be difficult to get your donations in within the month timeline. The reality of this makes the collection and distribution of donated items complicated; therefore, we are changing the parameters of this program in hopes that this will allow us to be more giving and more effective.

“The Grace Project” is a broadening and rebranding of the Mission of the Month program. Rather than being confined to a specific month, we will have a mission emphasis for a set period of time. We will be supporting the same number of mission efforts, if not more, but we will address them over a designated period of time rather than on a monthly basis. For example, our first “project” will be Operation Christmas Child. Operation Christmas Child collection begins in October and goes through the middle of November. Rather than try to put this mission in one month over the other, we will simply emphasize this mission during the appropriate time.  It is our hope that this new format will help you to continue to spread God’s love and grace through your generosity and dedication to this program. The vision and mission of our church is to “see to it that no one misses the grace of God,” and we believe “The Grace Project” is a wonderful opportunity for us to do just that.

Yard Sale for Missions

Every other year, we hold a Yard Sale for Missions. The proceeds from this three-day event go to benefit many of our mission efforts throughout the year, including mission trips to various parts of the world, like Kenya, Haiti and Alaska. This year’s event raised over $14,000 dollars thanks to the contributions of over 100 donors and 75 volunteers.

In addition to the money raised, the contributions to the yard sale were also used for several other worthy causes. Thanks to the generous donations, we were able help furnish the new apartment of one of the Family Promise families we previously hosted. The yard sale provided a wonderful way for us to continue our relationship with this family and help get them back on their feet. We were also able to donate five truckloads of furniture to the organization Just People, a private not-for-profit organization that provides a wide variety of support services to adults with developmental disabilities.

It is truly wonderful to see how something as simple as a yard sale can help people both in the Roswell community and far beyond. Thank you to everyone who helped make this a possibility!

Back to School Prayer Service

We kicked off the school year with a special Wednesday night prayer service, asking God to bless our children, teens, teachers and administrators as they returned to their schools for the coming year. It was a joyful and sacred time of worship as 150 people gathered in the chapel to commission our kids to be the light and love of Christ in their schools this year. Let us all be grateful to be a part of a church that loves our schools and the people in them!

August Teacher Training

On Saturday morning, August 24th we welcomed Dr. Israel Galindo from Columbia Theological Seminary to lead us in a special Teacher Training event. Thirty folks representing a variety of FBR ministries gathered in the Joy House to gain practical knowledge and helpful tips for leading a classroom. We are so grateful for Dr. Galindo’s expertise and all the volunteers who teach children, youth and adults throughout our church. If you know that your teacher attended, please quiz them with this question: What is the single most important skill for a teacher to acquire that enhances and does not inhibit learning? Report their answer back to Logan to see if they got it right!

Looking Ahead

October 16: Community Conversation
October 19: Blood Drive
October 19: Fall Festival
October 20: Deacon Ordination
October 20 – 27:
Family Promise
October 22: SALT Apple Trip
October 25 – 27: Youth Fall Retreat
October 25 – 27: Fall Retreat

November 11 – 14: SALT Trip to Pigeon Forge
November 13: Missionary Speaker
November 17: OCC Shoebox Dedication
November 17: Newcomer’s Breakfast
November 20: Holiday Hope
November 20: Family Advent Wreath Making