“… I have come that they may have life, and have it to the full.” John 10:10

“Thrive” is a celebration of the life of our church. Every other month we take time to reflect on the blessings God has bestowed upon us as a church family.

Haiti Mission Trip

Over the past six years, First Baptist Roswell has cultivated a relationship with the people of Cercady, Haiti. Due to political unrest in the country this past summer, our annual summer mission trip had to be postponed; so, when our mission team was able to return to this community back in December, it was a long-anticipated homecoming.

Since our first trip to Cercady six years ago, we have seen many improvements within this remote community. The people of Cercady now have access to safe water to drink and healthier crops to eat. They have acquired a greater proficiency in English, and they now experience the benefits of greater cooperation between community churches and pastors. This year, our team of fifteen people spent the week leading Bible study, teaching English to adults and children, playing with the children, providing classes for community pastors, and praying with the families.

While the purpose of our trips has been to help and bless the community of Cercady, what we have found is that this remote community has blessed us beyond measure. They treat our mission teams like family, welcoming us into their homes and remembering our names from one year to the next.  This year during our prayer walks throughout the community, we prayed with the families for their needs. In return, they asked to pray for our church family and the needs of our congregation. Can you imagine? People who have so little wanting to pray for us. What a blessing for our church to get to experience the power of God’s love in such a profound way.

Our youth will be returning to Haiti in June of this year. Be sure to go ahead and reserve your spot for this year’s trip! You do not want to miss this opportunity to be blessed by serving others! More information available online.

Medical Mission Trip to Kenya

In January, a 29-member mission team traveled to Nakuru, Kenya for our annual medical mission trip. The team was comprised of three doctors, one dentist, six nurses, two pharmacists, two dental assistants, two exercise physiologists, one audiologist, four childcare specialists, several miscellaneous support personnel, and Dr. Head. While many of these team members are members of FBR, the team as a whole represented twelve churches from three different states.

Each year our medical mission team sets out with the goal of sharing the love of Jesus Christ while caring for each patient’s spiritual and medical needs. This year, Kenyan nursing students assisted our team in reaching this goal by serving as interpreters. They provided a vital link between our team members and the Kenyan patients they treated. Anyone and everyone that came to the clinic was seen by our dedicated team, and due to the tremendous teamwork demonstrated by everyone involved, our team was able to treat over 3,000 patients during the two weeks they spent in Kenya.

Through the efforts of the entire team, the group treated patients with a vast range of medical problems. From musculoskeletal problems to hearing issues, diabetes to HIV, skin burns to vision & dental problems, the team was eager to help anyone in need. If they were unable to treat or diagnose a patient at the clinic, the team transported the patient to a local hospital for further testing.  In addition to seeing new patients, the team was visited by patients who had received our help in years past. One little girl, who received heart surgery as the result of one our previous trips, comes back to visit our team each time they are in Kenya.  It is evident that the efforts of the mission teams reach far beyond the initial treatment of a patient, changing and impacting lives for years to come.

Our team would not be able to have the impact they have if it were not for the support and prayers of the FBR family, and it is through God’s grace alone that our church has been blessed with the opportunity to serve.

Beyond Our Walls

Sacrifice a Saturday morning? Not many people would be willing to give up the opportunity to sleep in, have pancakes, go for a morning stroll, or generally do whatever they want; however, that is exactly what many of you did on Saturday, February 9th. With over 350 participants, our third annual Beyond Our Walls service day was our largest yet.

In an effort to share God’s love and grace with our community, these volunteers set out to twenty-three different locations across Roswell. With several different service areas, volunteers completed service projects for a variety of charities and organizations. Some volunteers helped at the Foster Care Foundation, while others worked at North Fulton Community Charities. Several volunteer teams worked to help perform home repairs and lawn maintenance for people who are unable to do those tasks for themselves. A large team worked at Leita Thompson Park repairing walking trails and installing swings. Groups traveled to Assisted Living facilities where they visited with residents, playing bingo and providing musical entertainment. Back at the church, volunteers worked to put together packages of diapers for children in need, made wreaths for Drake House apartments, and made pencil pouches for She is Safe. Within a single day, over 1,200 hours of service were completed. How incredible is that?

The impact of Beyond Our Walls reaches far beyond the 6 hours in which the event takes place. The service projects completed have results that last past the day, but, perhaps more importantly, the spirit behind the event has permeated the culture of FBR and extends itself into the activities of our congregation all year long. It is not uncommon to hear the phrase “beyond our walls” in relation to one of the many mission efforts our members’ support. As a church body, the importance of sharing God’s love and grace with others is paramount.

Disciple Now – “The Pause”

Disciple Now Weekend was a great moment in the life of our young people. From March 1st -3rd, our youth took time to “pause” and reflect on the importance of making time for God in the midst of their busy lives. While staying at host homes, the youth participated in Bible studies, discussions, prayer and fellowship. During these activities, they learned about the importance of prayer in strengthening and maintaining their relationships with God. They examined the advantages of being responsive to what God is doing around them by finding ways to get involved.

Our young people have busy lives filled with school, sports, clubs, homework, church, and social activities. Then add to this the flood of information and unlimited connectivity youth experience on a daily basis, and it is easy to see how finding time to spend with God can be a challenge. This year’s retreat gave both the youth and adults involved a chance to hit pause, reflect, and challenge themselves to work on their relationship with God each and every day.   After all, while it is not possible to remain in pause, it is possible (and necessary) to make time to spend with God on a regular basis.

This weekend would not have been a success without the help of our dedicated volunteers who provided housing and food, led Bible studies and worship, and organized transportation and registration. The FBR family never fails to show our youth love and support as they grow in their faith, and for that, our youth are truly grateful.

Looking Ahead

March 13th: Christian Leadership Course Begins
March 13th: Missionary Speaker during Pastor’s Bible Study
March 16th: Parents’ Night Out
March 24th: Children’s Choir Finale

April 4th: SALT Trip to Biblical History Museum
April 10th: Night of Prayer
April 14th: Palm Sunday
April 14th: Easter Egg Hunt
April 14th:  Church-wide Luncheon
April 18th:  Maundy Thursday
April 19th:  Good Friday – Office Closed
April 21st:  Easter